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이 름 Jason 소속 분원 금정역
강 좌 본사 원어민 대표강사(미국)
학력/약력 Experience/Accomplishments
- Lead author of Let’s Talk Plus, the Minbyungcheol Speakingworks course book for Step 4
- Academic Program Director (전반적인 원어민 교수부장) at Minbyungcheol Speakingworks
- Experience teaching every Step Level, from Step 1 (beginner) to Step 5 (free-talking)
- 4 years of teaching at Minbyungcheol Speakingworks

- Masters’ Degree in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching at University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England (Class of 2015)
- Bachelors’ Degree in Linguistics at University of Washington, Seattle, WA, U.S.A. (Class of 2006)
- Bachelors’ Degree in Japanese Linguistics at University of Washington (Class of 2006)

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인사말 Who am I?
Hello there! I’m Jason, of course. You can see all of my information above. But basically, I’m just a normal guy who teaches English and really likes his job.

In fact, I like teaching so much, I’ve never done any other kind of work! I graduated from university in December 2006, and came to Korea for the first time in February 2007! I’ve been teaching ever since!
강좌명 강사 강의시간 요일 수강료 수강신청
영어회화 (General Step2) Jason 06:30 07:20 월~금 150,000
영어회화 (General Step3) Jason 07:30 08:20 월~금 150,000
영어회화 (General Step2) Jason 10:00 13:00 150,000
영어회화 (General Step2) Jason 18:35 20:05 월수금 150,000
영어회화 (General Step3) Jason 20:10 21:40 월수금 150,000
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